By following basic principles for business ethics we have clear guidelines for how our employees, customers and other parties should be treated in a legally correct, fair and ethically acceptable way.


We offer equal opportunities for employment, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, disability, family circumstances or sexual orientation. We work proactively to combat all forms of discrimination at the workplace or in the treatment of employees in terms of wage formation and career development. We endeavor to introduce appropriate processes to identify and deal with all cases of discrimination. We have zero tolerance with regard to all forms of physical or verbal harassment at the workplace and will take measures against any such occurrence.

Work environment

We provide a positive workplace and actively promote the health, job satisfaction and personal development of our employees. With regard to the design of the workplace, equipment, conduct, job descriptions, personal development and all other aspects of the work environment, this means that we take action to ensure that our employees have a work environment and working conditions that prevent physical and physical ill-health and that promote satisfaction and development.


We shall actively contribute to sustainable development by taking the environment into account in all aspects of our business and by making lean use of resources. Our business shall comply with the applicable environmental laws and regulations. In our contacts with our customers and partners we intend to actively highlight the environmental benefit provided by our products and services. We welcome all forms of initiative from our employees, customers and partners that will help us to achieve this goal.

Immaterial rights

We shall comply with and respect all applicable national laws and regulations, as well as inter-national conventions and treaties relating to the protection of immaterial rights, such as patents, brand names, designs and copyright. This means that we shall always respect the immaterial rights of others and thus produce and deliver our products and/or services without unauthorised exploitation or violation of the protected rights or business secrets of other parties.

Child labour

We do not tolerate the use of child labour or that labour is carried out through force or the threat of force. Children must not be financially exploited or be allowed to perform work that can be dangerous, which prevents them from attending school or which may jeopardize their health or physical, psychological, spiritual, moral or social rights.

Bribery and corruption

We shall contribute to a society in which there is a high level of confidence in companies, the market economy and the rule of law. We shall endeavor to promote a high level of ethics in commercial relations and shall, therefore, take active measures to combat any form of bribery and corruption that can affect our business relations. All forms of bribery and corruption are banned in our business.