Xyleme LCMS

Author Once, Publish To Many, Deliver Anywhere


Create engaging learning – faster, better & with fewer resources

Xyleme is the single-source Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that allow instructional designers and experts to collaborate to create learning of all types. It gives you the most efficient way to create scalable, reusable and measurable content that can be assembled into formal courses or delivered to any casual self-directed learning environment.

  • Rapid Reuse
  • Collaborative Authoring
  • Intelligent Content
  • Rich Media Interactions
  • Quick Preview
  • Mobile Learning
  • Legacy Content Import
  • Translation
  • Standard Support

“Collaborate to create engaging learning content for both formal and informal Learning”



With single-source, mobile learning has never been easier

With Xyleme, your learning content is ready for anything –mobile, web and print outputs —all at the click of a button. By separating the content from the presentation, eliminating tedious and unfulfilling formatting tasks, Xyleme transforms your content into the required output to support your blended learning strategy. Flexibility in web, mobile and print publishing allow you to produce audience-specific materials from a single source of content.

  • Publishing Templates
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • LMS Deployment
  • Responsive Learning
  • Interactive Digital Textbooks
  • Interactive Slides
  • Cloud Publishing
  • Branding
  • Multi-channel Publishing

“Save time by single source publishing, making sure content is up to date on all platforms!”



Improve retention by delivering personalized content

By accessing a single trusted version of your content in the cloud, Xyleme unlocks your content from the LMS and from document management systems like SharePoint and Documentum. Content is now easy to find, easy to access, and guaranteed to be accurate so that your employees, customers, and partners can locate the information needed to learn and perform, across all devices anywhere in the world.

  • Learning Portals
  • Deliver SCORM from the Cloud
  • Next-gen Performance Support
  • Personal Learning Channels
  • Granular Search
  • Personalized Learning Paths
  • Scalable Content Delivery
  • Integrated User Management
  • Full Service API

“A learning content management system for the 90% of learning that takes place outside of the classroom!”



When you deliver your content from Xyleme, you have one enterprise-wide Learning Record Store (LRS) that lets you track all learning. By aggregating detailed content data and user profiles with learning activity, Xyleme provides an unparalleled view of formal, informal and social learning. This lets you created dashboards filtered by subject matter or competency, workgroup, and timeframe to correlate formal training and casual learning activities with business outcomes.

  • Learning Record Store
  • Dashboards
  • Data aggregation
  • Powerful yet friendly reports

“Collect the data and understand who, when and how people are using our content, gives us the ability to see where we need to improve!”

For more information please visit Xyleme INC at; www.xyleme.com