Adaptive Learning

The Percepium product provide great support for adaptive and personalized learning scenarios. But most importantly for you as a client it will work with any standard based content and across different types of training.

We learn differently and we are at different knowledge levels. Learning technology must recognize this making training more efficient, personalized and targeted based on current gaps, results, user profile, interests and goals or on situation and location. This is also true in terms of individual learning style and language preference though most organizations currently limit such possibilities due to higher production costs.

In Percepium we have implemented great support for adaptive and personalized learning scenarios, working generically for any standard based content, on any content granularity level and for different types of training deliveries.

The solution can provide users with personalized and adaptive learning scenarios depending on your role, profile, competency, skill-gap, pre- and post-assessment results, language preference and more. It is the perfect and most efficient solution for use cases like remediation training, certification and compliance processes or general skills-gap scenarios.

“Spend the time on learning if and when you are required and focus the studies on what you really need!”

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