Extended Learning

How to move your training beyond the enterprise with Percepium LMS.

Providing training outside the enterprise can be an important tool to help your organization grow the business and maintaining quality throughout the supply chain.

Providing external training can benefit your organization in a number of ways. For example, for your resellers it can help them boost credibility and sales. Training might also generate revenue directly if you offer paid courses to clients. Extended enterprise training can help minimize costs to your business by quicker onboarding, reducing knowledge gaps and time to competency. It can help your organization to operate and change faster.

In Percepium LMS we have developed a comprehensive set of features that will help your organization to easily set up, deliver and administrate extended learning scenarios.

  • Intuitive and responsive interface. Including support for smartphones
  • Certification and credentialed training support
  • Learning engagement features including gamification and expert knowledge management
  • Localization support
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Global content distribution technology
  • Customization and personalization. Configurable user portals including modifying branding and the user interface. Possible to personalize the end-user experience
  • Compatibility and integrations. Multiple authentication mechanisms and extensive web service API
  • Unified administration with easy reuse of courses and resources. Audiences separated via domain- and organization structure along with the authority system
  • Configurable tranining catalogues and knowledge hubs
  • Training process automation
  • External organizations can manage and administrate their own user populations (if allowed)

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