Learning Engagement

Deliver learning experiences with Percepium LMS that truly engage your employees!

Learner Engagement is connected with the degree of attention of learners, their curiosity, interest, and optimism for learning or being taught. It has to do with the learners’ level of motivation to learn and progress in their training.

Studies show that employees are often not engaged and that many companies are not even aware of the situation. Even when it comes to ROI, employee engagement along with retention acts as the primary metric to measure the effectiveness of a learning program. That is how important learner engagement is.

Percepium LMS, provides several ways to motivate learners and keep them engaged in their learning experience.  Here’s a look at important features supported by Percepium LMS for increasing learner engagement. However, engaging learning content along with the trainer/curator, are of course the key factors for any learning situation irrespectively of modality. No LMS feature can change that, but can enhance the engagement.

Blended learning

Blended Learning is unique way of engaging learners. It is a combination of eLearning, Classroom-based Training (ILT ), Webinars, etc. The blended learning approach has proven very effective for motivating learners. Blended learning diversifies the learning experience to prevent boredom. It reduces the in-person time required to complete a course and provides more convenience and flexibility within the training program.


Motivating learners through gamification:

    • Experience points for progress or achievement
    • Badges for learning milestones
    • Leaderboards for peer and team competition
    • Levels to “unlock” as a learner progresses through a course

Social / Informal learning

Is a powerful tool for reducing isolation and engaging online learners emotionally.

      • Discussion forums / Messaging
      • Live feed for teams and groups
      • Sharing achievements and certificates to social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
      • Feedback features like surveys and ratings
      • User profiles

Adaptive learning

Is known to focus on individualized learning and incorporate models which focus on method and reason. Adaptive learning assess individual ability, progression and present course content to suit individual learner needs. It can lead to an increase in learner engagement and can take personalized learning to the next level. Its a learner-centric approach that leverages technology to provide employees with individualized training programs.

Any time, anywhere and any device learning

Convenience is undoubtedly one of the top online learner engagement strategies today. Making learning accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device allow learners to complete their courses in the comfort of their own home, on their way to work or on lunch breaks, will help engagement to improve.

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