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Competency Based Learning

How to assure that the organization has the right people and competencies?


The ability to innovate and adapt to change will be key in the future for companies to succeed. Continuous learning and readiness are vital aspects in organizations fostering innovation and adaptation to change. Training departments should devote their main energies in securing that the organization has the right people and competencies aligned with the strategy and innovation goals.

A part of the answer to assure that organizations has the right competencies is by working with competency based learning. At Percepium we have worked hard implementing enterprise scenarios for competency based learning for several years.

In our product we provide support for:

  • Configurable competency models and rating scales (including national standards)
  • Support for blended learning learning paths with various awards and outcomes
  • Competencies and learning activities are integrated
  • Competency assessments or diagnostic testing including remediation, can determine the individual development plan and learning path
  • Standard based content approach allowing any content to be put into the model
  • Templates, settings, enrolments can be re-used, automated, across domains, organizations and groups supporting enterprise administration
  • And more….

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Learning Engagement

Deliver learning experiences with Percepium LMS that truly engage your employees!


Learner Engagement is connected with the degree of attention of learners, their curiosity, interest, and optimism for learning or being taught. It has to do with the learners’ level of motivation to learn and progress in their training.

Studies show that employees are often not engaged and that many companies are not even aware of the situation. Even when it comes to ROI, employee engagement along with retention acts as the primary metric to measure the effectiveness of a learning program. That is how important learner engagement is.

Percepium LMS, provides several ways to motivate learners and keep them engaged in their learning experience.  Here’s a look at important features supported by Percepium LMS for increasing learner engagement. However, engaging learning content along with the trainer/curator, are of course the key factors for any learning situation irrespectively of modality. No LMS feature can change that, but can enhance the engagement.

Blended learning

Blended Learning is unique way of engaging learners. It is a combination of eLearning, Classroom-based Training (ILT ), Webinars, etc. The blended learning approach has proven very effective for motivating learners. Blended learning diversifies the learning experience to prevent boredom. It reduces the in-person time required to complete a course and provides more convenience and flexibility within the training program.


Motivating learners through gamification:

    • Experience points for progress or achievement
    • Badges for learning milestones
    • Leaderboards for peer and team competition
    • Levels to “unlock” as a learner progresses through a course

Social / Informal learning

Is a powerful tool for reducing isolation and engaging online learners emotionally.

      • Discussion forums / Messaging
      • Live feed for teams and groups
      • Sharing achievements and certificates to social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
      • Feedback features like surveys and ratings
      • User profiles

Adaptive learning

Is known to focus on individualized learning and incorporate models which focus on method and reason. Adaptive learning assess individual ability, progression and present course content to suit individual learner needs. It can lead to an increase in learner engagement and can take personalized learning to the next level. Its a learner-centric approach that leverages technology to provide employees with individualized training programs.

Any time, anywhere and any device learning

Convenience is undoubtedly one of the top online learner engagement strategies today. Making learning accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device allow learners to complete their courses in the comfort of their own home, on their way to work or on lunch breaks, will help engagement to improve.

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Adaptive Learning

The Percepium product provide great support for adaptive and personalized learning scenarios. But most importantly for you as a client it will work with any standard based content and across different types of training.


We learn differently and we are at different knowledge levels. Learning technology must recognize this making training more efficient, personalized and targeted based on current gaps, results, user profile, interests and goals or on situation and location. This is also true in terms of individual learning style and language preference though most organizations currently limit such possibilities due to higher production costs.

In Percepium we have implemented great support for adaptive and personalized learning scenarios, working generically for any standard based content, on any content granularity level and for different types of training deliveries.

The solution can provide users with personalized and adaptive learning scenarios depending on your role, profile, competency, skill-gap, pre- and post-assessment results, language preference and more. It is the perfect and most efficient solution for use cases like remediation training, certification and compliance processes or general skills-gap scenarios.

“Spend the time on learning if and when you are required and focus the studies on what you really need!”

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Extended Learning

How to move your training beyond the enterprise with Percepium LMS.


Providing training outside the enterprise can be an important tool to help your organization grow the business and maintaining quality throughout the supply chain.

Providing external training can benefit your organization in a number of ways. For example, for your resellers it can help them boost credibility and sales. Training might also generate revenue directly if you offer paid courses to clients. Extended enterprise training can help minimize costs to your business by quicker onboarding, reducing knowledge gaps and time to competency. It can help your organization to operate and change faster.

In Percepium LMS we have developed a comprehensive set of features that will help your organization to easily set up, deliver and administrate extended learning scenarios.

  • Intuitive and responsive interface. Including support for smartphones
  • Certification and credentialed training support
  • Learning engagement features including gamification and expert knowledge management
  • Localization support
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Global content distribution technology
  • Customization and personalization. Configurable user portals including modifying branding and the user interface. Possible to personalize the end-user experience
  • Compatibility and integrations. Multiple authentication mechanisms and extensive web service API
  • Unified administration with easy reuse of courses and resources. Audiences separated via domain- and organization structure along with the authority system
  • Configurable tranining catalogues and knowledge hubs
  • Training process automation
  • External organizations can manage and administrate their own user populations (if allowed)

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    Our product

    We offer a world class and CLOUD based product for Learning, Competency and Performance management. The responsive product suite is designed to work with any device, for enterprise scalability, adaptability and security including business process automation and personalized user experiences.

    Our services

    We deliver cost efficient and affordable solutions to organizations large or small with fast return on investment. Our services are focused on efficient implementation and management of the Percepium product as well as continuously supporting our clients in their improvement of training- and talent management processes.