Consulting Services

Good advice is scarce

Percepium provide strategic and practical advice for the human resources and training departments on how to develop their strengths and devote their energies.

Areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise in terms of consultancy include:

  • Competency and performance strategy
  • Competency modeling & assessments
  • Competency based learning strategies
  • Learning processes & strategy
  • Learning technology and standards
  • Content production tools, processes & strategy
  • Business outsourcing and vendor management strategy

Our goals for assignments

Whatever the topic or area in which we are playing our part, our assignments are based on 4 clear goals:

  • To get your organization moving: this means the entire company from the management levels down to those on the ground, anyone who needs to learn how to learn
  • To obtain visible results quickly: for employees it is the best way to drive change forward. For management it is proof of return on investments
  • Developing business: over and beyond the first results we provide organizations with new know-how to consolidate and extend their business
  • Transfer of knowledge and processes to our clients to stand on their own legs

Key principles for engagements

  • Clear start and end of projects and deliverables
  • Clients should be ”self-sufficient” after the project deliverables are completed and implemented
  • Train the trainer concept as execution model in implementations
  • No “lock-in syndrome” to our consultants for future engagement in areas delivered
  • Integrity and honesty

Other Services

Product Services