LMS – Enterprise Administration

The unified enterprise administration module is the backbone of the Percepium LMS product. The solution is built to manage very large user populations both from an administration interface point of view and system architecture, performance and scalability. An organization can manage their user communities in any domain hierarchy with true inheritance and with multiple visualization options to reduce complexity for different users. With multi tenancy support, high flexibility and extreme configurability, organizations can set up domains, roles and permission structures as granular they require, supporting and managing multiple learning activities and competency constructions.

  • Manage very large user populations (100 000+)
  • Bulk operations for most actions (for example update users or enrollment)
  • Support both central and decentralized administration
  • Automated enrollment process for lean administration
  • Multi tenancy support
  • Extensive configurability options instead of customizations
  • Reusable pre-configured templates
  • Multiple portals, with possibility for skinning and branding
  • Handle both internal and external audiences