LMS – Learning Environment

The learning environment is where employees, learners and instructors interact within the different learning activities. An intuitive user interface ensure that people have structured access to training content and related materials, communication and collaboration tools, assessments and assignments and other resources that enrich and supports the organizations different approaches to competency development. The learning environment and the learning activities are highly configurable depending on type of training and delivery modality. The learning environment include the following features depending on your role and activity type:

  • Information and start page for webinars
  • News feature for announcements
  • Content player with full RTE-3 SCORM tracking
  • Diagnostic tests or quizzes
  • Hand in of assignments or upload of proof
  • Document sharing either by instructor or learners
  • Forum discussion boards or private messaging
  • Competency or task assessments for on-the-job training
  • Attendance tracking and grading
  • Track learner activity with journal
  • View activity reports both for learners or instructors