LMS – Learning Management

Percepium LMS enables you to build, implement, manage, deliver and track many different types of learning initiatives and supports both formal and informal learning processes. Organize your learning activities into different catalogues and enable different self-registration workflows depending the scenario. This gives you the flexibility to support both internal and external target audiences in the same environment. Percepium LMS support the following training scenarios:

  • Blended learning activities and training programs
  • Certification and compliance engine
  • Scheduled offering with attendance tracking
  • Webinars
  • e-learning with SCORM based tracking
  • Coached training with personal learning paths
  • On-the-job training with supervisor approval
  • Competency based learning with advanced remediation
  • Searchable networks with experts and communities
  • Diagnostic testing and analytics
  • Personalized learning paths

Each training scenario above can be configured by yourself to suite your needs. Completion of activities may award learners with certificates, competence levels, credits (CE) and grades. Activities can be sequenced with automatic enrollment chains and include awards as prerequisite criteria. This enables automated personalized learning paths depending on current competencies, test scores or demonstrated skills. An extensive notification engine sends out gentle reminders to your learners to make sure that they are on track.