Are you delivering learning experiences that truly engage your employees and improves performance? Our customers are - and they´re seeing some dramatic results!

Smarter Development

By publishing content in single source format designers avoid (re)creating material for every new modality, device and audience. Common formatting language siginificantly reduces translation complexity. Savings on development costs is in general 60-70% and savings on translation costs 30-50%.

“It has saved us thousands of dollars in expert and translation costs and has helped us improve upon management of complex content.”

Maximum Efficiency

The typical designer spend 40% of their time on formatting and 60% on development. Single-sourcing provides a powerful push in the direction of creativity. After preserving more time for design, flexible templates reduce the time it take to design.

Our designers are focusing more on writing a good story, writing a good interaction, as opposed to the technical aspects of formatting the content.”

New Delivery Paradigm

Updating curriculum used to take three full time staff members. Now it takes one staff member less than half the time.”

“In the past it took us two days to publish out since we had multiple different touch points. Now it´s literally a two-click publishing to update content we have out there.”

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