Oct 15 2015

Percepium LMS 4.5 series released

Percepium development team has released version 4.5 (4.5.2) of the Percepium product. This release covers extensive new capabilities beside general refinements and include the following new blocks of functionality:


The product now provide extensive support for eCommerce scenarios for learning activities. eCommerce functionality is built into the course catalogues and with organizations in the administration allowing high flexibility for extended enterprise commerce scenarios and subscription models. The commerce functionality is integrated with the registration- and enrolment mechanisms allowing for different workflows and settings for different types and individual learning activities. Comprehensive reporting is available for invoicing and analytics. Additional web services are available to easily integrate with 3rd party payment bridges and/or provide necessary data back to finance applications.

Certification and Compliance

The certification and compliance engine has been rebuilt and improved. It is now easier for administrators to create and manage certificate templates including multiple languages. The new engine automatically keeps track of certification expiry dates and can send out different kind of notifications in prior to expiry to users, managers or administrators. Completion status is automatically reset and easy to configure if only parts of certification and the certification programs like tests need to be re-taken to uphold the certification. This part also include many new learning activity settings to accommodate certification and compliance processes. Extensive reporting following the domain model is available for the organization with drill down/drill up functionality. The user’s competency profiles are updated with the certifications including the historical records of previous certifications: Certifications can easily be downloaded or printed. In short the platform can now manage complex certification programs with complete automation for the users and administrators.

Advanced instructor-led and webinar administration

The general administration framework for instructor led training and webinar activities has been extended. It now include advanced wait-list management, attendance tracking, activity announcements, messaging, improved document hub and multiple new notification options. All setting can be configured not only on type and template level, but also on single activities on the fly if need arise for the instructors.

Non-formal content distribution in the CLOUD

Support is now available for more general content distribution scenarios for the end users as the content repository or parts of it (depending on organization, roles and permissions) can be displayed in the user portals with powerful full-text search and classification tools. It will now include support for any type of content granularity including non-formal learning activities and single assets or files. Content will be easy to find and access, so that information can be located when needed to learn and perform. As learning becomes more decentralized, you need a central learning repository for content that can serve the user communities anywhere.

New course catalogues

The course catalogues in the user portals have been extensively re-built including multi-view options (tile, list and calendar views). User can now shift easily between different views to get optimized views depending on preference and what type of learning activities they are searching for. eCommerce features and cost information has been built into the catalogues and the highly configurable registration workflow engine has been refined even further. It is now much easier to locate and get a good overview of upcoming sessions of the same learning activity. Users will now also see the updated waitlist information, number of available seats on the learning activities as well. It is now also possible to activate pre-view mode of the activities or part pre-view mode as a teaser for potential new users. Another important ability is to connect the catalogues to organizations and as such allow multi-tenant scenarios also within the same domain, e.g. allow different catalogue views depending on what organizations you as a user belongs to.

Reporting and Analytics

Beside a general overhaul of all reports the main news is the ability to export search result or selected objects in the administration module to applications like Excel and easily create new reports for administrators and managers. This will open up the potential to combine and create hundreds of new reports easily and adapted to each organizations specific requirements. The new report functionality supports custom data columns and is configurable to also include a superset of columns not shown in the lists in the administration module to provide even greater flexibility.

Additional improvements

  • Guest users
  • eSignatures and compliancy with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures
  • Plan functionality improvements
  • Open learning activities with “Pin to My Learning” option
  • Rating of learning activities displayed in content catalogues and the administration module
  • Authentication using MS Azure Active Directory
  • +30 new notification options
  • Learning activity grades
  • Improved learning activity messaging
  • Improved portal notifications
  • New learning history hub in “My Overview”
  • Content repository improvements
  • Improved search functionality for competence and competence profile user lists
  • Improved filters in the administration module
  • Additional content mode for how files are pushed to the content player to better support iOS constraints
  • Performance improvements
  • Additional skinning elements for portal sites
  • And more…